App installation has never been simpler

With our Application Installer, you can install any of our 40+ software applications in just a couple of seconds with zero setup required! You won’t have to spend your time hunting for the newest version or to cope with tricky and vexatious configurations.

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Available Apps

Open Realty
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Easy Software Package Installs

In case you have installed a software application for your website all by yourself, you are already aware of the fact that it is not an easy thing. You need to get the most recent version of the app from the vendor, to upload it to the Internet, to set up a database and then to pick a database username, to set privileges, to go through the whole setup procedure, etc. This is absolutely needless with AjWebHosting’s Application Installer.

The Application Installer makes things simple. Installing a web app is really easy as none of the procedures specified above are needed. All you need to do is type in a user name and a password and hit the Install button. That’s it.

We will create the database for you and will keep all our scripts updated to their most recent stable versions. Every single web application has been tested on our system and its installation is so quick that your brand–new web site will be put online in no more than 3 minutes.

More Than 40 Software Programs Are Readily Available

The Application Installer comprises the most famous applications online along with applications that we thought would be useful for AjWebHosting’s users.

Besides widely used apps such as Wordpress or Joomla, you will find applications like Gallery – a simple–to–use gallery script, OpenRealty® – an application for realtors, OpenCart – a fantastic shopping cart solution, and many others. Currently, we have got over forty apps and the list is continuously expanding so as to answer your demands.

PHP Framework Installer

In the Web Site Control Panel we’ve integrated a tool for installing PHP frameworks – the PHP Framework Installer. It will enable you to install the latest version of a particular PHP framework in a second. Simply fill in a username and a password, as well as the web address where you would like the framework to be installed. Then click on the Install button and allow a few seconds for the PHP framework to go live.

Our PHP Framework Installer supports these specific frameworks: Akelos, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, PHPDevShell, Prado, Zend and Zoop.

No Charge Website Themes

Aside from one hundred percent free apps, AjWebHosting also offers no charge website themes for some of them. If you would like to install Moodle, Mambo, Joomla, WordPress or 4images, you can select any of AjWebHosting’s cost–free site themes to be installed too, right from the start. This way, when your site is ready, it will be adorned with the theme you’ve opted for. The total number of available free–of–cost templates is more than 100.